Unleashing the Power of Efficiency

Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Services: Brand Strategy, Communications and Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Mobile Website, Application Development, SEO, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Design and UX

Canada’s First Energy Efficiency Utility

Efficiency Nova Scotia is Canada’s first energy efficiency utility. Their goal is to save money for Nova Scotians, and to date, they have not only saved $110 million in 2016 on energy efficiency projects, but have prevented the release of 590,000 tonnes of GHG emissions annually!

Kumu Agency was selected through a national RFP process to work with them to develop a digital customer strategy and to extensively redevelop their website.


Although Efficiency has a strong vision to serve Nova Scotians, the ability to serve their customers through the website was not up to the task. As often happens, the old website was created without a truly user-centric vision in mind.

“How do we make it easier for Nova Scotians to do business with us- through each click?”
How do we make it easier for Nova Scotians to do business with us through each click?”



Kumu worked through a discovery process with Efficiency to align their new customer program model into the website itself, realizing that more and more customers wanted their services through the website.

Working extensively with their program and marketing teams, we initiated a full website audit and gap analysis providing detailed recommendations across their business. Starting with the development of a full business requirements matrix through extensive interviews with teams, we provided a current state and future state assessment. Business mapping the tasks of each customer and stakeholder type by persona, we mapped actual tasks to future and desired processes, specifically those that were and could be done on the website. From there we provided a detailed gap analysis and then a roadmap to align processes. Our stated strategic goal for Efficiency Nova Scotia was to make it easier for customers and create internal efficiencies and align objectives within the internal organization.

Client Feedback:

Kumu’s strategic expertise in understanding how to optimize business process first, then map it to digital ways of working is excellent. They not only greatly improved the look, feel and design of our website, but helped us examine business processes to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.”

~ Amelia Warren, Director of Marketing, Efficiency Nova Scotia

View the results: http://www.efficiencyns.ca