UNIVERSAL FILM: Gospel Hill: Social Marketing, Event Launch, PR

Company: Quiet Hand Productions

Gospel Hill

Gospel Hill is a film produced by first time director, and well-respected actor Giancarlo Esposito through his production company Quiet Hand Productions. The film needed a way to build word-of-mouth and buzz.

The film was to be screened at the Democratic National Convention and the Inauguration of Barack Obama as President. Raising key partner sponsors for the event, we utilized these events and the celebrity attendance by telling the story in real-time and creating a following through the site. We used YouTube, Twitter (through a mobile device), Facebook, Flickr (through a mobile device) and were promoted by other bloggers to tell the story and create momentum and engagement. The film has since won 9 independant film festival awards, created a significant following on the site and generated significant blogger and social discussion.

Additionally, we provide a full-suite of creative services including film brand and poster design, which made it’s way to the wrap of the Subaru vehicles who sponsored the film and the step and repeat wall for the celebrity red carpet events.