A World in which Oceans are Vibrant and Flourishing

Ocean Wise, Vancouver Aquarium

Digital Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, UX, Campaign, Video Storytelling, Operational Audit

A World in which Oceans are Vibrant and Flourishing

One June 8th, we were proud to partner with Ocean Wise organization (the new name for the Vancouver Aquarium) to launch Ocean.org, an all-encompassing digital platform designed to engage millennials on their love and caring for oceans.


The Vancouver Aquarium had a vision for Ocean.org  speaking beyond it’s physical building in Stanley Park to meet millennials across the planet wherever they were – on digital and social platforms – to engage them on the plight of oceans in an age of climate change and to inspire action.


Through developing extensive consumer insights and best practices research on engaging millennials in cause based efforts using digital platforms, we envisioned a platform that would inspire millennials to take positive action on an issue that is difficult to consider – the challenges facing oceans, including the pollution of oceans. We knew video storytelling would be a key first step.

“We had a great experience working with Kumu Agency who helped us develop the strategy, vision and understand key execution elements of the Ocean.org digital platform.”

John Nightingale, CEO, Ocean Wise.


To envision this new business model, we were charged with helping articulate the mission and vision of the new organization and this pivotal digital platform, to develop an engagement strategy to inspire millennials to take action on the issues facing our oceans, and to envision a digital strategy that created waypoints to engage in content and take action through existing Ocean Wise programs.

Through an extensive engagement over six months we helped develop the vision and mission, research the key consumer insights and best practices around cause platform, developed the business model, developed the overarching digital strategy, defined the sweet spot for the brand, articulated the customer journeys, conducted a staffing audit to determine skillsets and hiring required, and finally develop a series of video stories that would create the first series of engagement points.


The result has been a new platform that takes the Vancouver Aquarium under its new brand Ocean Wise to a generation of millennials concerned with the issues our oceans face, with the ability to share positive stories, to learn about the challenges and gives them the tools to take action and measurable results on the outcomes.

Client Feedback.

“Kumu Agency have a unique ability to understand the vision we had put forward, providing in-depth research to marketplace forces and helped further refine and articulate a vision that aligned our values with an increasingly engaged digital millennial. It has really created a new business model, one which enhances our mission. In addition, they helped us staff our organization towards this new operating model, and provided an audit of the skillsets we would need to face towards the new opportunity.”

~ John Nightingale, CEO, Vancouver Aquarium