Give Millennials a Voice

Client: Cool Globes, Climate Reality, Know Tomorrow

Services: Cause Marketing, Digital Strategy, Social Strategy, Brand Refresh, Content Strategy, IA/UX, Website Design and Development, Facebook Social Integration, Instagram Social Integration, Twitter Social Integration, Reddit Forums

Know Tomorrow. It’s Yours.

Millennials are the first truly connected generation who have grown up on the Internet, with little separation between online and offline life. They are empowered and opinionated and “celebrities” with their own following of friends and peers. With that connected generation comes a lot of noise.

The key challenge was to motivate 22 million Millennial university students across America and spur them on to take action on the issue of Climate Change as a core value for their future.


Partner with purpose and community driven Millennials to create an emotionally connected campaign platform to support Climate Change using digital, mobile and social media.



We delivered a complete brand refresh – colour, typography, copywriting, usability and a totally re-designed mobile and desktop platform using Facebook log-in and social content integration. This included a technical integration with multiple social feed on our “social wall”, a Reddit like “Idea Lab”, unique to every university to discuss issues and plan the event. Finally, each university page was a dynamically generated database in its own right, creating an event platform for each university unto itself, while creating custom social hashtag and community.


Know Tomorrow has empowered Millennial university students across the United States to share their voices towards their own sustainable future. The event and social platform was so successful in gaining momentum with students across 60 university campuses, that it is being featured by the documentary series the Years of Living Dangerously. Throughout the campaign various celebrities supported the efforts of hundreds of thousands of students by giving their voice.

To date there have been 67,858,536 timeline deliveries on Twitter and 304,078 impressions on Instagram.

Watch Ian Somerhalder, Chris Evans, Cheryl Hines and Giancarlo Esposito talk about Know Tomorrow.