Brand and Sustainability in the Age of Transparency

by James Riley
Brand and Sustainability in the Age of Transparency

For this year’s GLOBE Series 2016, with IBM’s sponsorship, Kumu Agency produced the keynote session at the global business conference on brand and sustainability. “Brand and Sustainability in the Age of Transparency” with moderator John Battelle of NewCo, and global sustainability and marketing leaders Joey Bergstein, CMO of Seventh Generation, Rich Michos, CMO of IBM and Nelson Switzer, Chief Sustainability Officer. The talk was put together with the insight that today, more than ever before, businesses are recognizing the significant impact they have on every aspect of our environment, society, and our global economy.

According to Nielsen, 55% of global online consumers across 50 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

We wanted to discuss the questions that are driving positive outcomes for brands with some of the top brand leaders creating change. How does a brand define itself in this new era? Can awareness and action on the environment include innovation, productivity, customer development, economic growth and better communities? How do brands successfully communicate the complex issues they face in this digital economy? What is the role of data and technology in synthesizing brand challenges and opportunities?

Watch the video of the session that explores some of the challenges and opportunities brands face driving towards a more sustainable planet through doing good business.